Plate heat exchanger

  • All-welded plate-frame heat exchanger

    nger (suitable for high temperature and pressure). Due to internal backflow reached a maximal temperature difference, which is impossible in other types of welded heat exchangers. Protective housing exchanger can be easily removed and cleaned, and the shear stress acting in a moving fluid is much hi...

  • All-welded heat exchanger kozhuhoplastinchaty

    stribution, which makes it more suitable for operation in a temperature change. The welded heat exchanger design also features a compact, high efficiency, high resistance to high temperatures, and others....

  • All-welded spiral heat exchanger

    Spiral heat exchangers have a compact design and is ideal for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other industrial applications....

Plate heat exchanger

Plate-type heat exchanger consists of a number of corrugated plates joined to one system. Set of plates mounted between the movable and fixed pressure plates by means of upper and lower guide beams supporting. Plates are fixed by means of several bolts. Liquid is supplied to the plate by means of connecting tubes mounted on a movable plate and a fixed pressing. This plate forms a complex two separate channels through which pass two kinds of fluids without coming into physical contact with each other, they go out on a separate tube system system. The heat exchanger plates may have different shapes and specifications for optimum heating effect in the given operating environment. Setting mnogoprovodyaschie sets of plates in the heat exchanger, it is possible to work with large amounts of liquids.
In addition to a plate heat exchanger, our company has also developed other models of heat exchangers. B, suitable equipment should be selected depending on the pressure and temperature characteristics.

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