brazed heat exchanger

brazed heat exchanger


 The plates are brazed heat exchangers vacuum brazed at all points of contact and do not have gaskets, eliminating the fluid leak. They are compact, light weight and good turbulent flow. This helps to reduce deposits and facilitates maintenance. They are available with the plates in various fields and locations, including the location of the chevron. Brazed plate heat exchanger is ideally suited for liquid cooling or heating systems, including swimming pools, a spa system, radiant floor heating, hot water in homes and others.

 High performance at an affordable price - brazed heat exchangers Accessen

 If you want to get excellent performance at a low price - choose a brazed plate heat exchanger Accessen. Heat exchangers of this type are characterized by high thermal efficiency, and have wide range of applications - to 65 bar and + 200 ° C.
Min. Operating Temperature (℃)-160-160-160-160-160-160-160-160
Max. Operating Temperature (℃)200200200200200200200200
Min. operating pressure (bar)vacuumvacuumvacuumvacuumvacuumvacuumvacuumvacuum
Max. operating pressure (bar)45 10454545454545
Test pressure (bar)65 15656565656565
Channel Object (L)0.010 (N-2)0.010 (N-2)0.025 (N-2)0.047 (N-2)0.125 (N-2)0.217 (N-2)0.220 (N-2)0.350 (N-2)
Heat exchange surface (m2)0.014 (N-2)0.015 (N-2)0.026 (N-2)0.050 (N-2)0.095 (N-2)0.190 (N-2)0.200 (N-2)0.300 (N-2)
Max. water side flow rate (m3 / h)66 18 1845140140140

N = number of plates

 Standard dimensions and weight

modelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)E (mm)Net Weight (kg)
B3-0149 + 2.3N7642172206 thirty0.7 + 0.06N
B3-0159 + 2.3N8040154190 thirty1.0 + 0.08N
B3-0269 + 2.4N111 50250 3:10 thirty1.06 + 0.12N
B3-05010 + 2.3N111 50466525 thirty2.05 + 0.2N
B3-09511 + 2.8N19192519616 thirty7.8 + 0.44N
B3-19010.6 + 2.7N307179567696 thirty1.0 + 0.51N
B3-20013 + 2.8N321207624738 thirty13 + 0.8N
B3-30016 + 2.62N366228.58721006 thirty16 + 2.62N
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