Plate evaporator and plate condenser

Plate evaporator and plate condenser


Plate evaporators Accessen are based on shell and tube evaporators and combines all the advantages of plate heat exchangers. These plate-type evaporators with the ascending and descending film feature high efficiency. We produce six models of evaporators with the ascending and descending film.

Principle of operation

Plate evaporators Accessen designed for evaporation. They have two small inlets and one large outlet. The inlet is designed more for the steam heating, and is smaller - for steam and condensed water.

Our plate type evaporators consist of a plate package. Each package consists of butt-welded plates or gasketed plate. Gaps between the plates form a heated vapor condensation region, which further comprises sealing region and evaporation.

Plate capacitor


Plate Accessen capacitors are designed specifically to work with the condensed steam in low pressure or vacuum in installations thermal vacuum evaporation and distillation plants. Accessen plate-type capacitors can meet the individual needs and wishes of the customer.

Working principle

Plate Accessen capacitors designed for use in vacuum conditions. They have a large inlet opening for steam and a small outlet for the condensed liquid. These capacitors comprise a plate package, which consists of butt welded plates either gasketed plates.

Mode of plate capacitors
Thanks to the concept of high turbulence and rising film plate evaporator ensures excellent hydrophilic direct evaporation. In the evaporator system with no need for parallel flow in the pump; a flow control system, the transfer pump can be used instead of the circulation pump.

gravity circulation

Forced circulation (with evaporation)

The form used in the case of vapor contamination of the environment. Forced circulation provides an increase in hydrophilicity and strength of turbulence and reduces pollution to a minimum.

Forced circulation with fast heating

The form is used in case of pollution or a high level of crystallization. Evaporating the liquid very quickly circulates in the evaporator, allowing the boiler is heated without. The very process of evaporation begins only when there is a high-speed heating inside the separating tank. Special evaporators with a wider gap can reduce pollution to a minimum.

Scheme of the plate evaporator and condenser


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