Block heater

Block heater


Block heating units ABJ different environmental cleanliness, low noise level - below 70 dB, compact design, nice appearance and reliable performance. Data points from 350kVt capacity is up to 1500 kW, thanks to which they can provide heat more than 400,000 square meters. Users can control the five methods.

BTP systems consist of a plate heat exchanger, water treatment equipment, a circulating pump, auxiliary pump, a temperature sensor, a pressure gauge, a variety of sensors, pipelines, valves and control unit. The whole system consists of five sub-systems, namely the water supply system, the pressure control system, flow control system with frequency conversion, the heat meter and control system communication network. With the advanced technology, rich experience and standard modular design, we are able to supply comprehensive and easy-to-manage modular heating units. The users only need to connect to the server, and we will be able to manage the system, which operates the facility.

The use of PRP systems

 Heating: CHP for district heating
Hot water: hot water system of residential areas and water-cooling system
Textile and paper production: heat recovery from the exhaust gas and waste water
Chemical engineering: heating and cooling processes during chemical reactions
Air conditioning: water heat exchanger for central air conditioning systems in large buildings
Food industry pasteurization of milk, beer, beverages and soy
Machinery: Cooling system lubricating oil and hydraulic oil Metals: the cooling system of the blast furnace, continuous casting cooling system and installation of the cooling system for the production of oxygen.

Driving block heating stations

List the components BTP systems
1. Plate heat exchanger
2. Ball Valve
3. Filter
4. The rotary disc valve
5. Temperature Sensor
6. gauge
7. The circulation pump
8. auxiliary pump
9. The control unit
10. The purge valve
11. Coolant temperature sensor
12. Electric control valve
13. Outdoor temperature sensor
14. Pressure sensor
15. Safety valve
16. The inverter
17. Flow Meter
18. The solenoid valve
19. The wireless modem and antenna

Draft block heating stations
Marina Pinnacle-Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


BTP systems
Models of products: ABJ-WG045-886 × 3
ABJ-WG060-1204 × 3
ABJ-WG075-1464 × 3

Quantity: 3 sets

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